1st International Tour Exhibition Online:

 only actual service manufactures (presented by their original WEB-sites)
have the right to participate;
lists of countries and companies are presented in alphabetical order;

You can:
use both complex and individual services presented in the global tour industry;
to negotiate (or to consult online)  with companies' representatives.

There are no mediators at the Exhibition.
The Exhibition is designed to fit any consumer, i.e. individuals and businesses.
Only actual service producers listed in the state Register of the country may participate.
We apologize for the restrictions for the rest.

Important information:
booking tourist services at the exhibition you reduce the purchase price, but the choice is yours!
Orders can also be made  right  on the web-site of the participant.
Booking at the exhibition (top menu), guarantee that all consumers are protected from any possible fraud!
You get your own reservation ID, which can be easily checked by the manufacturer itself.